Summer House

The Summer House was finally finished in the summer of 2008

During the summer months this impressive building, with its warm stone columns, vaulted timber roof structure and polished marble floor, is the most wonderful additional outside accommodation and compliments the Manor House perfectly as a place for relaxed ‘al fresco’ living on those long, warm, continental days.

We wanted to make the summer house as comfortable and convenient as the house itself and with this in mind, first of all it has a bathroom for the convenience of the swimming pool, where the kids can nip to the loo easily, and guests can get changed before and after their swim, or alternatively enjoy a relaxing  shower enclosure installed in here.

Enjoy a cold beer at the bar

Once you are refreshed in mind and body, perhaps the next thing you’d like is some refreshment of a different kind … The bar area is a great place to sit around and relax in the early evening with a gin & tonic, a glass of cold beer or a chilled rosé wine. There is a wine chilling cabinet behind the bar, a fridge and also a professional beer machine (barrels of beer for which can be purchased by arrangement). If the children are still in the pool, or on the trampoline under the shade of the nearby trees, you can sit in the bar and watch them from a safe distance, whilst enjoying your aperitif and gazing over the acres of peaceful parkland, where usually the deer graze in the evening.

At other times of the day the summer house is a lovely place to sit in the shade and read, or perhaps have your morning coffee, or simply to close your eyes for a few moments and tune into the magical birdsong all around you. As well as taking turns to be barman, the guys will also love the challenge of the outdoor cooking facilities in the summer house! We have the traditional wood-burning bread-oven and to compliment this, a BBQ chimney made by an artisan from local stone. There’s nothing you can’t cook in these impressive beasts – once you’ve got the fires going successfully!

Why not try a Pizza evening

One of the most fun times to be experienced is a Pizza evening, which we are happy to prepare and host for you. Whether it’s a fun pizza evening, an informal BBQ, or a traditional dinner several courses long (perhaps featuring slow-roasted pork or lamb cooked all day long in the warm bread-oven) the dining area in the summer house accommodates up to 16 people comfortably and everything you need; utensils, crockery, cutlery and glassware is stored here conveniently to hand along with a dishwasher!

As the evening lingers on, the subtle lighting around the summer house automatically illuminates the swimming pool, the warm stone walls of the manor house, the tall elegant Cyprus trees and the feathery palms, creating a wonderful Mediterranean ambiance and atmosphere – before you know it, it will be the early hours of the morning … and then of course it’s time for a little star-gazing!

We promise you’ll spend some of the most memorable times of your holiday here in the summer house simply enjoying what French summer holidays are made for – eating good food, drinking good wine, sitting around the table chatting and sharing those magical moments with your family and friends. Enjoy!